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OX-CTA, has been offering biocidal products and services for more than 15 years. Their application area are the total sanitation and prevention. We always undertake the environment protection, being a necessary condition of our products their Ecological nature and their complete biodegradability. Our progress and experience have allowed OX-CTA to specialize in a new concept of integrated biosafety management. Our main strength is the provision of “3E” solutions (Effective, Ecological and Economically feasible). From the very outset, research, development and practical innovation efforts have been a strategic differentiating factor and the starting point that has allowed us to become a key Technology Partners for our clients, to whom we offer the best solutions tailored to meet their needs and business. Our R+D+i+a efforts, with particular emphasis on innovation, are channeled via a department specifically established for that purpose. With this objective in mind, our business policy requires a collaboration with other bodies in order to achieve our strategic innovation and quality goals, thereby achieving an optimal customer service efficiency and the highest possible reliability of our products.

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